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  • OK.. I'm getting a head start on this (haven't looked at which template or the contents of it once I find it) but was wondering - the sidebar for recent posts, etc do not reflect the prefix (or in BB parlance Labels) in them. For the way that I'm using prefixes, it makes the post topic a little cryptic - I'm frequently using the prefix as the OS name. How to add the prefix in the sidebar areas shown?

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    It is missing the data, so there are no labels that could be displayed and additionally the available space in the sidebar is very limited, you will massively cut titles if you do.

    Edit: On second thought, I think they are actually loaded, need to check it myself.

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    @Tracy Perry Okay, I got it. You basically need to create a copy of the template dashboardBoxLatestPosts to work with and make these changes:

    I've attached a screenshot that shows how it looks like.

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