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    Good as the supplied WYSIWYG editor is in WBB, it has a number of issues that make it annoying (though has the first-right-arrow-keypress-at-the-start-of-a-line bug been fixed in the latest update?).

    For example it is cumbersome inserting images on phones and tablets, because they take up almost the whole screen and it becomes very hard to access the edit and posting controls. (I won't use Tapatalk, it has brought the entire forum down once and created multiple posting errors more than once, it's simply too dangerous).

    As a result, some of my users including me often resort to the "BBCode" mode (which I refer to as "raw mode") but that has its own limitations.

    I would like to suggest that the "raw" editor be enhanced to support formatting (Ctrl+B for bold, etc.) and formatting insertions (e.g. Spoiler) from the menu bar, in the same way that the WYSIWYG menu does, only the results appear in raw BBCode rather than WYSIWYG.

    I can't see any technical reason for not allowing the buttons & functionality to work when in raw mode. Practical reasons such as it not being very high up your list of priorities maybe. :)

    Once again thanks for the superb software 8)

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