cke? What cke?

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    Was playing with some of the CSS, and I am assuming that the original editor was CKE? I thought the new one was redactor, but I found some CSS referring to CKE instead. If CKE is no longer used, it might be a good idea to comb through the code and modify the CSS designators like

    .cke_wysiwyg_div table > tbody > tr:nth-child(even) > td

    - which is one that I just found. :D

  • I guess we can remove it at some point,even if it is solely for the purpose of cleaning up.

    Main reason (from my point of view) is I use Chrome inspector for finding CSS, and I was not sure when/why that would be called and what exactly it was involved in styling. Was just a little confusing. Would probably not be to someone who had been using the script for a while, but being a newbie I try to cover my bases when making styling modifications and figure out what they effect. I wasn't sure if it was something that may have been used for CKE styling that was just carried over to the new editor and the designator never changed - or if it was more of a dinosaur entry.

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