How to validate translation?

  • Are there maybe some tools to validate language pack? For now I did XML validation and looks fine, but I'm not sure is it checking eg. for correct brackets opening & closing ("[", "]") and validating {if}{else} statements (eg. for closing with {/if}).

    I had completed translation of WBB to my language from scratch on my own (WCF+WBB, Modern Shoutbox, Tapatalk, small fix for Redactor translation) and I'm not sure should I just upload translation or are there some tools to help with validation to be sure that I won't break anything after uploading language pack.

  • Any help with this?

    I got 100% complete Polish translation ready to publish even today, but translation process was very complicated (because of plurals). WBB is crashing with "fatal error" if there is some obvious mistake in code but I'm not sure when these Fatal errors are triggered - probably only if WBB is trying to load damaged/errorneus string, so despite fact that my translation is working on test installation - it can crash WBB in some circumstances. That's why I need to validate this translation somehow before publishing...

    BTW: In my opinion WBB should have some fallback if string (one line) in translation is damaged (eg. some default strings or even some placeholder like "missing translation - please fix/update it"). Crashing whole software just because of one line in translation is in my opinion a little bit overkill.

  • There is no validation tool for languages as far as I know.

    Just import it in your test area and see what happens. If the error already happens while uploading the xml file, so there must be a mistake with the xml formate.
    If it was imported correctly you need to check every single language item if it returns no errors. When errors are showed you need to search them in the database and try to correct it there (fastest way) until all are gone.

  • That might work for some of the keys, but you cant check if (for example) this will work or if there is an {/if} missing:

    <item name="">
    The chosen action affected {#$affectedPosts} post{if $affectedPosts != 1}s{/if}.{if $affectedPosts > 0}<br />Please make sure to <a href="{link controller='RebuildData'}{/link}">“Verify Integrity”</a> afterwards.{/if}

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