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    I have a site censored from linking back to on my site. Just spotted if somebody used "domain.com" blocked, used in a quote as a link title it doesn't get blocked

    The forum will block any links that include domain.com blocked in posts text, but if used as a link added to a quote box title it's getting through

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  • For various reasons censorship is not applied on bbcode attributes as the probability of false-positives are quite high.

    All though there is no option to toggle this, you could modify the censorship class and remove the particular line of code that is responsible for this. Since there will most likely no more changes before the next major release (4.2) it should be a safe modification. The file is wcf/lib/system/message/censorship/Censorship.class.php and I have marked the line in question here: https://github.com/WoltLab/WCF/bl…p.class.php#L84

  • Thanks for pointing out what needs be removed. But it's a shame this is something that's not likely to be fixed proper because of reasons you said with false positives. It pretty much kills the idea of using censorship to block site links using words added... because anyone can bypass a blocked URL such as adding mysite.com to block words by simply still using the quote title link option with that word- to still be able to link back to the site.

  • It was designed to deal with natural language and censor words and in that discipline it is superior to all other implementations around, especially since it can deal with split-up words and other things people try to get past this filter. Yet, it is not meant to handle URLs because they differ a lot from natural words. Anyway, removing the line I've mentioned will lift these restrictions.

  • When you say deal with a normal words. I can add "theadminzone" without the .com included as a banned word (that is not a URL). Any URL posted on forum though that includes theadminzone.com in url will get blocked because of (theadminzone). It won't in the quote though. Now to me that is a word.

    Actually, no it doesn't block the URL in posts either using both theadminzone or theadminzone.com - if the URL is posted as a BBCODE link. It will block it as a raw link posted but not if adding a link using BBCODE to text. So it's not just the quote title link it happens with because it uses BBCODE link, it also happens in posts as well if same type of BBCODE link is used

    I understand what you're saying thinking more about it. That some words blocked could also be used in a URL BBCODE link, so it's designed to ignore the word in a BBCODE link but block it used just as a word in text. Anyway, I made the file edit and it works fine now.

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