Can the size of Side Bar Area and Forum Posts Area be changed?

  • When I first began my Forum, I asked if there was a way to load Videos onto the Side Bar Area of the Dashboard Page.
    I was given information as to a Plugin for this purpose. I installed that Plugin and it works fine.
    But here is my problem:

    The Side Bar Area is of a certain size; and the Forum Posting Area to the left of the Side Bar is also of a certain size.

    Videos which I load onto the Side Bar (taken from various sources online) usually have Width and Height such as:
    <iframe width="492" height="277" ....
    So, in order to get the entire "Still View Pic" of the Video to display, I usually have to change the settings to: width="280" height="280"

    That works OK except for one thing: MOST videos have an "expand to full screen" link to click on ... however with the Side Bar Area NOT allowing for the original WIDTH of the "Video Still" to display, that LINK cannot be seen.

    So my question is: Is there a way to EXPAND the SIZE of the Side Bar Area Temporarily? [For the Admin and Visitors and/or Members]

    After viewing a particular Video in the Side Bar, the Size Ratio of the Side Bar and the Forum Posting Area would be changed back to the regular size. Is this possible?

    I have included two screen snap shots of my Forum to illustrate what I have mentioned above.

    Any help on this issue would be appreciated!


    An additional thought: The Side Bar Area has an "expand and collapse arrow", and when clicked on that collapses the Side Bar
    so all that is seen is the expanded Forums Area.

    So my thought is .... if there were the same "collapse arrow" option for the Forum Side - and then when clicked on
    the Side Bar would fill the screen. That would solve the problem of the "width issue" regarding the uploaded videos I mentioned above.

  • Yes, that is easily possible with CSS. However to recognize if the video is/was viewed you need JavaScript. You can use an event of the video to add/remove a class to the sidebar div for instance. For this div you can set another width of the sidebar.

    I should have replied to your response on this issue a lot sooner however I became engaged in so many other things with my Forum that I forgot about following up with you on this issue.

    You made the comment "yes, that is easily possible with CSS...."
    but my question is:

    What changes (or text do I write in CSS) to make the change so the Side Bar Area can be expanded (as an option), and then return back to the original size proportion after a member or guest has viewed the video in the Side Bar?

    The only thing I have ever done in CSS is to change the font color for Category Titles and Forum Titles on my Forum.

    Can you perhaps show me what text I have to type into the CSS area for the above to take place?


  • Not tested:


    I tried your CSS suggestion (shown above).
    It did not work - gave me this error message:

    And here is how I typed in the info (in CSS) as you supplied:

    I also tried this variation of what you gave me:

    However I still got an error message. NOTE: The "error message" APPEARED when I type in the URL to my Forum.
    I went back into CSS and deleted the CSS code Change regarding the Side Bar change, and CLICKED on "submit" button at bottom of CSS.
    Can access forum ok after this - no error message.

    Thanks for trying to help me!
    Can you offer any suggestion / additional info?


    Hey Devil - Get behind me and don't push, shove, or kick! ^^

    My Forum:

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  • You did not copy the whole text. Click on the icon on the upper right corner to copy the full text.
    Or alternatively, look at the code box. There is a „Show more“ button, which shows the full code. It is longer than just 6 lines.

    THANK YOU! Black Rider!!

    The CSS Code Change (for Side Bar width change) works perfectly!
    Now all the Videos I have positioned on the Side Bar are showing with all the information on the bottom task bar of the Videos .... so now
    anyone clicking on a Video will be able to click on the "full screen" button, etc.

    See Screen Snap Shot below:


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