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    I added a notice to forums today to be displayed when users are making a REPLY to a thread. But see they only get the notice displayed to them when in full reply mode. But users don't see that unless they switch QUICK REPLY to FULL REPLY box. So the notice added for replies is mostly not being seen, not unless they switch to full reply mode box.

    I don't know if this is a bug or not? But it makes displaying notices with replies pretty useless, because most of time there's no need to switch over to full reply box.

  • In Burning Board 4 there is no built-in notice feature. So it has to be a plugin and you should ask the plugin developer to get such a feature.

  • Not sure what you mean? I'm not using any mod for it.

    I'm using latest WBB version, 4.1. There is notices system in that which you can set for certain pages to display them on. I have set-up a notice to be displayed on REPLIES to threads. But that notice only gets displayed on full reply box mode. If you was to click reply below my post here for example the notice will not get displayed in it. Which is more or less what everyone does to post replies.

    When you click MORE OPTIONS button in quick reply box, that is where the noticed only gets displayed on.

  • I seem to remember when using previous version, not sure how far back in the 4.1 branch. That this did used to display the notice in Quick Editor mode also.

    So is this a bug?

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