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    We have a problem here, its not one time but every time. If i signed out still found myself online. Besides, If I signed out and refresh the page i found myself already sign in.

    Other problem always happened is Members Online. Today i have seen 34 users online and all related to the same IP, and if this is not a problem as mentioned before so members online does not make any sense?!! Yesterday there were 17 users online 16 of them related to the same IP :)

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    For performance reasons some components (including the users online list) do not use live data but instead make us of cached data. Even though you may have already signed out, your last activity time (stored in the user-table) is used to build the users online list, but this does not provide any details if the user is still logged-in as this would require checks against the session table. This is a rather expensive operation (especially on heavier visited sites) and we therefore decided to trade-off a bit inaccuracy (at worst a few minutes) for a significant performance gain.

    It works pretty good and can only be noticed if you actively log out and then check the users online list. So yes, it is a bit inaccurate but only in that exact scenario and in return the software is able to handle enormous amounts of online users and guests without performance drawbacks.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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