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    I searched forums and plugin-store and it looks that there is no such possibility:

    Please consider adding option to limit likes per 24h. For bigger boards ~30k users currently this function is easy to abuse. If anybody got a lot of posts, he can register another account and easily add hundreds of likes to his own content. Also if somebody does not like other user - he can dislike all his content (if somebody got a lot of posts - hundreds of dislikes).

    It would be great to be able to limit amount of likes and dislikes from one account by 24h.

  • A proper API with rate limiting would solve this.
    Rate limits are used to avoid such behaviour because they limit actions to the APIs endpoints to x actions within a given timeframe y.
    Example: User X likes 301 posts within 15 minutes. The rate limit is set to 300 within 15 minutes.
    This means that the 301st request of the user will be declined and he has to wait some time to send another request again.

    Unfortunately, there is no builtin API for the WCF yet. There is a plugin which has some developement done, but it's far away from being finished and I don't know if it's still in developement. (

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