Post reporting: reports can be seen only through moderation CP

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    If user will report any post - I (as moderator) can see this report only through Moderation CP. If I'm just viewing thread - there is none marker that would show me that some post is reported.

    This is slowing down moderation - If I have few posts reported in one thread - I need to go through all reports in Moderation CP as I cannot see which posts are reported in thread view.

    Is there any way to show some marker that post is reported in thread view? Or maybe some plugin for this purpose?

  • Why this is marked as "done"? This is not done :P If there is no such possibility in current WBB, maybe this thread could be moved to "Suggestions" board?

    Idea for solving this could be borrowed from IPB - small flag on the right of reported post, visible only for moderators/administrators. On click at this flag there are two options: to go to the report or close the report.

    This would made moderation process much faster for bigger boards where daily are sometimes even ~100 reports.

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