New Thread sign was not fixed in the latest version 2.1.8

  • The update shipped with a new version of the default style, you need to make use of the newly installed version of Blue Temptation.

    This is a funny one then

    Read what you said about default style updated. I actually renamed the default style title from "Blue Temptation" to "Default Blue Temptation" and it's been treated as a custom style and now see I have another style added called "Default Style".

    But the style I have installed called ""Default Blue Temptation" now instead has not been touched apart from changing width via the width setting for style. But that simple renaming of it's title has lead to it being treated as a custom style and installed Default Style again.

  • And I now have two default styles, even though I've never modified the original default blue template.

  • The thing is: wbb never knows if you changed the style ;)
    Because of this, if you'll get a new version of a style always a new style is created.
    This way you never loose any chanchges within your maybe modified style.
    So just delete or deaktivate the old blue temptation style and everything should be fine ;)

  • Problem is they both have the same version, same name, and you can't tell which is the new one vs the old one.

    Come on, I mean if you are going to ship a new template, at least change the date and version #?

    • Official Post

    Come on, I mean if you are going to ship a new template, at least change the date and version #?

    I have no idea why this wasn't changed, I mean this is the whole point of having a version number :/

    Anyway, there is a way to determine the latest version: Edit both styles one after another, in the URL is the part &styleID=X where X is an incremented number. The style with the higher styleID is the newer version. Besides that, if you do not need to support RTL languages you can ignore this because there are no other changes.

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