Auto group promotions not working proper

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    WoltLab Suite Forum

    I have added some new groups to match the ranking system. Used same points based idea to promote them into other groups named same as the ranks. I have noticed that while one user got moved into two extra groups viewing their profile, they should have been moved in a 3rd group ticked also because it only requires 900 points and the user has over 1,500 points.

  • Never mind. I have fixed it now and was going about it all wrong with group ticked. I should have been selecting the groups in (all of them) and using MORE THAN for points. It's only first one set-up you need pick groups "not in". After that first one then you switch to using groups in, which can get more than one group as ranks increase upwards.

    Now it worked after running cron job to move that user listing have 3 ticked groups they're in now.

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