Need help setting up my Site?

  • no offence, but if you need someone to hand hold you through installation process, then it's probably not wise to get the software and use it lol. people would have to hand hold you the whole time for everything else then.

  • Simple C-Panel Installation Guide

    1) Go to where you purchased your domain name and log into your account. Go to where you can manage your domain and set your "nameservers" to where your server is located. Your server company can help you with this step. Edit the domain server location if your hosting is not where your domain was purchased from.

    2) Download Filezilla to your computer. Filezilla allows you to make a secure connection to the server your domain is pointed to in step #1

    3) Go to your hosting and log into your c-panel. Navigate to server information and obtain the ip address for the your c-panel. Record the c-panel username, password and ip address. You will need these to connect using Filezilla.

    4) Go to "My account" on WoltLab and log into your account. Then go to downloads and select Woltlab Burning Board 4.1.7 (Setup) and download this Zip file to your computer.

    5) Go to dowloads on your computer and double click the zip file to open it. Read the file called "Read Me". This file is uber important. The most important part is this "3. To ensure your web space fullfils the system requirements, consider testing the PHP support first! All you need to do so is opening the file ("test.php") in your browser and see the results. E.g. "" (replace "" with the name of your server). If your server doesn't meet the system requirements, you may contact your web host to ask for some solution. For a Web server, please install the missing components."

    6) Go to your c-panel and select MSQL Databases. Then select create a new database and create a new database. Record this information for later. Then Select add a new database user and create a new user. Record this information for later. Then select add user to datbase and connect the user to the database. Make sure to record this information for later.

    7) Go to filezilla and enter the c-panel ip address in the box labeled "Host". Enter the c-panel username and password and 21 for the port and click connect. This will connect your computer to the file manager on your server.

    #8 In Filezilla (Left Side aka Local Site) navigate to the upload folder where the you downloaded Burning Board to your computer.

    9) in Filezilla (Right side aka Remote Site) navigate to the public html folder.

    10) Copy the three files located in the upload folder to the public html folder. You have now installed the software onto your server at this point.

    11) Look at Step #5

    12) Open your internet browser on your computer and in the url bar enter" (replace "" with the name of your server). This should open the install wizard for Burning Board.

    I hope this helps.

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