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    After successful importing all data from vBulletin Version 4.2.3 to WBB when I try to run "worker wbb\\system\\worker\\PostRebuildDataWorker" or worker wbb\\system\\worker\\ThreadRebuildDataWorker I get the following error:

    Please help on this as my site is offline I can't go online before this is solved. :S

  • Please run the following command via your database:

    SELECT * FROM wbb1_post WHERE threadID NOT IN (SELECT threadID FROM wbb1_thread)

    It should show no results, but if there are any we know why you have those problems ;)

  • Try the same for threads:

    SELECT * FROM wbb1_thread WHERE boardID NOT IN (SELECT boardID FROM wbb1_board)
  • well, in this case i have no idea whats going wrong with your installation...
    Maybe its best for you to write a ticket.

  • Seams to be a random bug which is not propperly to identify.

    SELECT * FROM wbb1_thread WHERE boardID = NULL
    SELECT * FROM wbb1_post WHERE threadID = NULL

    Give this 2 requests a last try, if they don't find any unassigned thread or post i can't help you (It's basically what @Marcel Werk suggestet in the first thread you linked ;) )

  • Both above commands returned 0
    MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). (Query took 0.0003 sec)

    I was able to solve and run them now only after running worker wcf\\system\\worker\\StatDailyRebuildDataWorke  which took almost 9 hours.

    Thank you :thumbup:

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