Burning Board: Say NO to SPAM Bots

  • What a huge relief from VB 3.8. From having tons and tons of daily spam bot registration on VB to almost no spam bots at all. It is 25 days of me using WBB and not a single spam bot has managed to register on the forum.

    Everytime I goto Users Online, there are many Guests showing as "Registering" but none are actually getting registered. I suspect a lot of spam bots are somehow failing to register on the site. I am not using any Captcha also.

    Right now my Captcha setting is "Nothing". I am not using any Captcha, no Questions or Recaptcha. Re Captcha by google is like even tough on Humans, forget teenagers, half won't make it through. I tried to make a test registration and that time setting was for Recaptcha. They asked me to identify something in images and it took me multiple trials to get through. That is really annoying for anyone. The question was so pretty tough and images were not too clear also.

    Anyway, Is this happening because fewer bots have been taught to register on Burning Board? Or inbuilt honeypots on registration page?


  • Recaptcha 2 is more easier than version one. Normally, you just have to do one click. If google is unsure, you have to select images like "Select all images with cookies".

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