PHP 7 and WBB 4.1

  • Does WBB 4.1 work fine with PHP 7.

    See my cPanel has now added PHP 7 and been reading about the much faster performance times you can expect to see switching over to PHP 7 from PHP 5. I'm not planning to do it now but wondering if WBB 4.1 is already PHP 7 ready.

  • Yes it is php 7 ready

  • i'll compiled php7 RC2 myslf and use it currently for a small site.
    And you can really see the difference when enable the benchmarking to see the time php needs to render.
    Not 2x faster but arround 30% when using the wbb.

  • Well, maybe some of you know the php-benchmarking script:
    I had a little bit time so i'll was interested in the difference of php5.6 and php7


    really amazing what speed improvements php7 brought...

  • Ja ist bei mir auch noch aktuell ;)

    Auf Allink Premium:

  • Is there really any known issues with php7 though with various plugins? I was debating building site from ground up with it (php7) rather than start on 5.6 then upgrade it later. I know of the php send mail bug or whatever that was "fixed", but doubt hosts have it applied yet, anyone know of date that hosts apply php7 bug fixes? I'm with allinkl currently. I'd just hate to start out with it, go to bed at night, then wake up to users reporting odd errors and tons of issues. However, I'd like to start with it, then don't have to worry about doing php7 later down road.

  • If you use Fireball CMS:…fcecc88e1d43128b6e2bd9fcd

    Oh okay, no I don't use Fireball CMS. :)

    You could ask them.
    Basically PHP 7.0.3 has been released already (and it's already running on my machine).

    Right lol.
    All-inkl is currently running 7.0.2, forgot when I login to KAS it's right there. But I'll ask them in email shortly. :)

    Quote from All-inkl Staff

    Hello,thanks for your request.At the moment we don't know an exactly date when PHP7.0.3 will be available on ourservers. But it usually takes only some testing weeks to get available on our systems.If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.Best regards

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  • My shared host has PHP 7 installed to pick from drop-down menu list of PHP versions to use but it gives me an error and WBB won't load and shows an error page if I use it

  • Problem is the error page gives away my DB username and whatnot else that is quite sensitive data and open for public viewing as an error page displayed. So not too keen doing it again for everyone on the forum at time to see.

  • Wonder if that's related to this bug on german side of site they won't fix, because after all, anything that exposes database credentials is okay... MySQL Passwort wird jedem angezeigt wenn PDO in PHP nicht aktiviert ist My as well make public announcement thread for guests and general users abroad giving them your login information, database info, cpanel access etc and let them do what they will with your stuff. Who needs hackers when it's given away freely anyway lol

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  • Yep, looks same as what I saw more or less. Just a page showing code that gives away too much information about your credentials. Which on shared host the username before DB is your cPanel login name. I couldn't change back to lower PHP version fast enough to remove that error page from being shown to everyone. Not sure either if it listed password as well, not sure now.

    It might have been a different error message itself shown though to me on my forum, but same things as that giving away your DB details on it

  • Might want to point that out in german thread, since you had similar issue. I didn't get the errors yet of course and don't have anything to back it up with, I just "liked" some of the concern German's posts that I agree with. Or user tag wbb developers in your post above.

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