You are not authorized to do that with fast repeated posts

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    WoltLab Suite Forum

    I member has reported that he was posting in a thread and got a message pop-up a few times saying something like "You’re not authorized to execute this action".

    After some digging around testing I was also able to reproduce it on my member test account and seemed linked with making too fast a replies "one after the other", I asked the user if that was when it happened for him and he said more or less, yes. It's an error message I've never seen displayed on my Admin account before though because admin usergroup doesn't use Flood Control time setting for consecutive postings.

    The member group used a minimum of 1 minute (as the setting is in minutes and not seconds for it), so really rather than them getting shows that other error message, they should have been show a waiting time message instead. I got that to show up on my test member account at one point, but was also getting that other error message instead at times (with that the waiting time message never shown).…ction/?postID=659#post661

    What I have done now because I've never seen that error message shown making fast posts in a row on my admin account not using flood control - is remove flood control also for member usergroup and see if they still get it again making fast replies one after another

  • An update testing more with flood control disabled for members group. I cannot now get that error message to show making very fast replies one after the other. Not so far logged into my test user account again, so it kinda looks like it's only happening when using 1 minute minimum flood control with concecutive posts for a usergroup.

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