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    Hi there,

    If an existing user makes say 10 posts today that I want to delete. In Vbulletin, I would goto their profile, click on "Show all posts of this user", then select the posts in bulk I want to delete, then delete it.
    Right now if I want to do that, I have to goto profile, click on Posts, then open those 10 posts in 10 different tabs and select the post on those threads, then delete at once. Selecting posts in bulk directly from Searches makes it much easier.

    Is there a better way to do it? or I am doing it right? If the feature already exists, then I'd like to know or else this is one of my suggestions for easier bulk moderation.


  • Yes, thats good for a bulk delete of say a spam bot. A spambot came, made 10 spam posts, I was sleeping. I bulk delete and and then ban/delete user.

    But what I was looking for as an option is, I don't want to delete all posts of a user. Only a few posts of them. Then instead of going to each post individually and selecting, I can select in mass easily from profile. See example, I goto your posts, I want to delete a few of them:

    On this page, I can see all your latest posts. I want to select a few of posts from here and do certain moderation. Then it makes very easy to select many posts from just a single page rather going to different pages. This could be linked to how existing moderation happens when we select posts from threads and then do moderation.

    Much convinient :)


  • ANother thing I noticed today. One member returned after many years to my forum yesterday after many years. She reported like 20-30 spam comments on her. I had to delete one comment at a time. If there are check boxes, I can select all of them very quickly and press delete button.

    Another thing, check boxes in Moderation Panel. As they reported 30 comments, I had 30 actions to do in moderation panel. I had to manually go inside each link and press Delete Reported Content. A checkbox will help selecting all easily and pressing delete button.


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