External links opens in new window/tab... but not in pagemenu footer

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core

    In System -> Options -> General I have selected "open external links in a new window"

    It works fine except for in the Page Menu Footer... if I put an external link in the pagemenu footer, it won't go to new window, instead you leave the forum.

  • so I guess it's not a bug but "works as intended". I'll have to find a different way to put an external link down there. Thanks;

  • Don't think HTML5 is supposed to open links n a new window, why it probably uses JavaScript for links opening in a new window in topics

  • Right, wasn't sure if it was same as WC3 Strict. In that case then he can simple add target="_blank" with links.

  • Yeah, it's just that I have to put it in the template instead of the page menu options.

    I guess I was just thrown off... when adding something to the page menu you have the choice "Internal Link" or "External Link" but I guess choosing external link isn't a true external link, it just means something besides listed modules.

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