Submit upon close - undefined error

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    WoltLab Suite Forum

    A thread was closed and I must have hit submit upon the same time someone was closing the thread, because there was an 'undefined error'.

  • Was it only a "undefinied error" text you have seen? I can not imagine that this was the only text error information which was displayed.

    Actually all is said was error. I call that, undefined as I don't know what else to call it.

  • Did you see it in a pop up box. I got same box also but not sure now what it said. Was replying after topic got locked.

    I think it said something like you do not have permission, rather than saying the topic is locked. So was a bit confused why my post wasn't being submitted and wondered if I'd been banned from the topic

  • Did you see it in a pop up box.

    Yes, and I think @Aslan, too. Everything else would be strange because it's a response of an AJAX-Request.
    In German it was "Sie besitzen leider nicht die notwendigen Zugriffsrechte, um diese Aktion auszuführen." - and that's an original quote from the Overlay I sent someone a few minutes ago.

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