No View Screenshots permission in 2.1 unlike in 2.0

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Filebase

    Notice in FileBase 2.0 under usergroup permissions for it, that there's an option to tick a box called "Can View Screenshots". But that same permission is missing in FileBase 2.1. Why was it removed when in FileBase 2.0 you can set that permission to Yes and allow users to still view image screenshots posted in the download description, while at same time stopping them from downloading the file itself.

    Now in fileBase 2.1 because that option isn't there. If you set to download files as No, then they also can't see any images uploaded into the file description because of lack of that same permission present in filebase 2.0

    FileBase 2.0 has this permission that FileBase 2.1 now lacks.

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  • The language item in Filebase 2.1 just has an incorrect name (It is also called "Can download files", so that there are two permissions with that name). With the next version, the permission for viewing attachments/screenshots will be properly labeled.

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