Censorship: post content is lost

  • If I'm trying to reply topic (Reply button) - censorship is failing. Submit button give result with message "Your post requires manual approval and will not be displayed until then" and post content disappear (not in quick reply editor, not in thread, not in moderation queue what suggested message - just disappear). Topic is OK, just my reply doesn't show up but also disappear from quick reply editor without any information what really happened.

    Aha, yes man, I got that. In fact, you just described the exact problem I had back then, but it wasn't related to censorship; it would happen no matter what whenever I tried to reply to a post. The problem was on the host side, and had nothing to do with WBB. They were using LiteSpeed webserver with overly-aggressive cache engine settings. Once I disabled that cache engine for my account, the problem was fixed. This makes me think this is an issue that's related to cache/user session/cookies somehow, as mine was.

  • Some hosts, depending on the the webserver they use for share accounts, and the resources allocated for those racks, also implement another cache engine, basically it's a third "layer" of cache that affects all customers hosted in that machine. This cache engine could clash with the software or forum script you run in your site. All I had to do was add a rewrite rule in my .htaccess which opted me out that cache engine, and all was well after that.

  • For clarification: Censorship does not involve any sort of moderation action, in fact censorship is executed before any data is actually saved. In case one or more words are matched, the request is immediately rejected and the server will reply with a proper error message (as seen on a few screenshots in this thread), but neither the actual message nor any other kind of data is saved.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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