Small moderation improvements on moving posts to new threads

  • I got two maybe small but very useful (in my private opinion) improvements to moving posts to new threads.

    If one or multiple posts are marked in one thread:
    - in thread view - button "xx posts marked" now got: Move to Trash Bin, Disable and Unmark. Add there "Move To..." - on click list of forums would be shown. After selection all marked posts would be moved into new topic inside selected forum, with title automatically as first post in original thread (we had anyway marked posts from one thread only)
    - in forum view - button "xx posts marked" now got: Move to New Thread, Copy to New Thread and Unmark. When Copy/Move is in use - need to fill manually title. In my opinion this would be more useful, if by default title would be same as first post in original thread (to not need to copy and enter it manually; all posts would have to be marked from one thread) - of course it would stay editable so if anybody would like to change this title - it still will be possible with same amount of work needed.

    Scenario of usage? Instead of deleting posts that breaching our TOS we are moving them all to specific Trash forum, from which every day posts older than 7 days are automatically pruned. Moving posts from just one thread to this Trash forum is used often and filling title field everytime is slowing down our work ;)

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