Sales, File Icons and More

  • WoltLab Filebase 2.1 adds a lot of useful features to file entries, including but not limited to labels and the ability to offer files for purchase. We want to provide an overview of some new features as well as a more detailed introduction for each one below.

    Sell All The Files!

    Starting with version 2.1, administrators can grant user groups the permission to offer files for purchase. There are two distinct modes available:

    • External files can be listed as purchasable, this means that both the sale and download will take place on the 3rd party website. The filebase entry itself is more or less for presentation uses only and does not interact with any transaction made on the 3rd party website
    • The file is directly uploaded to the filebase, both sale and download will be handled by the filebase itself. This uses the payment system already introduced with paid subscription.

    File Icons

    Up until now, files always displayed the author's avatar which isn't always suitable. Filebase 2.1 offers a separate upload for an optional icon that will be used instead of the avatar.

    Label All The Things

    Entries can now be assigned one or more labels similar to the label feature already known from Burning Board threads.

    File BBCode

    Files can now be embedded using the short and simple bbcode [file], e.g. in posts or blog articles. It provides a short overview of the most important details.

    Different Forums per Category

    There are now two types of create modes for forum threads, the first one is already known and causes all created threads to be placed in the same forum. We've extended this to optionally support individual forums on a category basis, granting you a much finer control over the destination forum.

  • Looking forward to this... I just saw the updated layout here on and it was impressive. The only difference I would make is to have the Categories on the side for easy access.

  • It works with PayPal only option, not different other gateways. Also worth pointing out to you that all payments have to go into your paypal account. The option to let members enter their own paypal selling items is not there, payment to them go into your paypal.

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