Censor list does not work on all content

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core

    This is not a suggestion, this is a bug. The point of a censor list is to censor content. If it fails to do so it is not functioning correctly. Further it was originally marked FIXED and currently is not functioning after being labeled as FIXED. [beta 3] cannot censor domain name

    Anything that would render the censor list inoperable / useless would be a bug.

    Added this into my censor words and someone was able to still post a link to Facebook. If the censor list does not work on all apps, it is useless and meaningless.


  • I do not believe they did since they incorrectly labeled a bug as a feature suggestion, which has already be established as a current feature which has been previously fixed and is currently not functioning.

    Please stop posting the same three topics every freaking day. It's really annoying. I think they got the message when you posted this the first 15 times

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