Prevent display of update notifications for plugins with new versions not purchased.

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    Example; I currently only purchased this version of FAQ plugin with brandfree,

    but getting update notification for newer version of it

    , that I haven't purchased (yet). The only way to get rid of the notification / information banner is to disable all update servers from Woltlab, which isn't right.

    I shouldn't have to disable the update servers in ACP, especially considering I'll need updates notifications regarding the plugins I actually use and need updated later on, including woltlab plugins and software. This banner almost makes or "Forces" you to purchase newer premium plugin version updates to get rid of the blue information /update notification banner. (Not saying I wouldn't buy the latest version of that FAQ plugin of course, just isn't right though to have to disable update servers to get rid of it for the time being.) Should be user's choice to find the latest updated (not currently used) "higher" versions and purchase those copies if they want it lol.

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  • The Software can not know, what you've purchased and what not. The software just informs you, that there's a new version of an extension, that is currently installed. And since both extensions are using the same identifier, it's working as intended and cannot be changed.

  • I talked to Alex @Alexander Ebert about this before, he said something could probably be done to fix this in future. Should only get updates for the current versions you're using though. Otherwise I'll have blue banner there all the time in my face, unless I disabled the update servers. Then I wouldn't know if other updates were available for woltlab products and other plugins I use, unless I sporadically enable and disable the update servers in ACP to see what's out / update releases or not.

    If using file id number 1426 { display notification of update } else { if not using file id 2137 display nothing }

    If I wanted to buy higher version releases for plugins I've currently purchased, I could find those if I need them, and buy them. But with the banner stuck there displaying all the time, it almost "Forces" you to buy those to get rid of the annoying blue banner that's "in your face" 24/7.

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  • That won't work, since the "id" you are talking about is not placed within the package. The software can't know, which package you've installed, if they don't have different identifiers.

  • Alright, well, hopefully something can be done about this lol. I'll just shut off the update servers then, and randomly turn them on to check updates to plugins I use. Sad I have to do this though, but gotta do, what gotta do. :thumbdown:

    edit: heck, be nice to even have a "dismiss" option for it. and if i want to buy it in 3 months, I will.

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  • This would prevent you from upgrading, because then, there would be two different packages. There's a possibility to create a workaround, but that might require much effort.

  • Maybe, this one makes it a little bit "better":

    I do normally use that plugin, it just happens I didn't have it installed on localhost at the time. It doesn't help everyone else really, unless it's prepackaged in WCF itself for 4.0.x and 4.1.5 update. I know it helps get rid of that blue update banner notification, but it still displays in the header areas lol.

    Maybe a combination of that plugin with a "dismiss" option, can be dismissed till later or until you purchase the update of plugin in future. That plugin is suggested almost as a temporary "shut me up", to keep smooey and throwaholics quiet for now, might satisfy them for now. But that's not right either. Shouldn't sweep issues under rug for now (or band-aid them up), you still have issues under rug to clean up later.

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  • If you can live with it, that these updates are still displayed in the ACP, i could come up with a small solution.

    Any update on the "solution"? I was hoping for possible solution to be slipped into 4.2 or plugin or whatever. I shouldn't have to keep seeing an update available notification each time I "search for updates", if I'm not planning on updating anytime soon. If I want to buy updates, I'll buy them when I'm ready, but to have them there constantly, never turned off, is like pressuring, forcing, and rushing me to spend money I don't have, just to get rid of the notification about it. Be nice to "hide" them though at least...

  • It will come in 4.2

    That's awesome, but I still plan to use 4.1 for while though, don't have money to update everything I have to 4.2 stuff, and don't have time to wait on 4.2 release either.. lol. Need this stuff "hidden" while I'm using it in 4.1 lol.

  • There are already ways to hide that info from the frontend. And i'm working on a plugin, but i'm currently not able to finish it :(

    Yeah I understand, you're busy guy lol. :) I'll patiently wait on plugin for it. And yeah, I'm currently using the "Improved Update Notification" plugin, which does help "hide" it from the pages (basically). I'm not trying to be Adam Jr (stomp feet, penta post about it, multiple threads inner linking and back linking, bawl, push, power point presentations, wikipedia linking, statistics, graphs and pie charts, etc) here of course either, just trying to keep it in spotlight for near future/future, don't want it "forgotten" about lmao.

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