Where did the create blog button go?

  • And it has never been there since the blogs just got introduced in Blog 2.1 ?!

    No one (not even you) would know that, because no one except staff has access to it on here. So you learned that when they finally released the beta. It WAS in 2.0.x and that worked for me.

    I need to be able to add that button or some button here


  • Then your request must be done in the suggestion board....

    I made this in the right place... Because I cannot wait for development to decide to make changes in 2.2 a year or more from now. I need yesterday, so that means I'm willing to change templates if I need to.

  • The simple create new blog or article or whatever you want to call it is hidden.

    Maybe it is just a misunderstatement between the two of us...

    What do you want to achieve?

    Create blogs --> creates a user blog within one can create articles
    Create Articles -> creates the articles/entries/posts or whatever you want to call it

    https://blog.woltlab.com/blog-list/ <-- this shows the user blogs at which you can create (or your users) new blogs
    https://blog.woltlab.com/entry-list/ <-- this is for the users to create the articles/blog entries/news or whatever you wanna call it


    @Adam Howard
    you should also rebuild your data:


    see example pic,

    it does not show articles, but one can find some.

  • Found the solution: (for the blog.tpl, your current landing page)

    1. Go to acp, create a copy of
    blog.tpl (to your template group)

    2. add this after line 78:

    3. empty cache

    eh vooila:

    For the entry-list page:

    1. copy entrylist.tpl to a template group
    2. add line

    {if $__wcf->user->userID && $__wcf->session->getPermission('user.blog.canCreateEntry') && $__wcf->user->blogs < $__wcf->session->getPermission('user.blog.maxBlogs')}<li><a href="{link application='blog' controller='BlogAdd'}{/link}" title="{lang}blog.blog.add{/lang}" class="button"><span class="icon icon16 icon-asterisk"></span> <span>{lang}blog.blog.button.add{/lang}</span></a></li>{/if}

    between line 103-104 and 124-125

    3. empty cache

    it works ;)

  • This works. :)

    Thank you.

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