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    WoltLab Suite Gallery

    As the title suggests, after it was fixed on a previous update, I just realized that the Gallery slideshow previews on Gallery page does not appear.

  • It's why I suggested over here in this thread to change the language variable in core, so users see it when before they go to upload images and realize that it needs to be specific sizes or greater to display in slider. some might not realize this at first, and expect all sized images to display in slider.

    Quote from Smooey

    @Matthias Schmidt @Alexander Ebert


    Images can be up to {@$__wcf->session->getPermission('')|filesize} each with the file extensions {@$allowedFileExtensions}. Minimum dimensions are {#GALLERY_IMAGE_MIN_WIDTH}×{#GALLERY_IMAGE_MIN_HEIGHT} pixel up to a maximum of {#$__wcf->session->getPermission('')}×{#$__wcf->session->getPermission('')} pixel. You can upload images using a Zip-, Tar- or Gzip-archive. You can upload up to {#($__wcf->session->getPermission('') - $userImageCount)} images with a maximum total disk usage of {@($__wcf->session->getPermission('') - $usedQuota)|filesize}. Keep in mind in order for your images to display in gallery slider, they need to be 1200 x 900 px as minimum.

    Or something similar

  • @Black Rider Let me ask you this: let's say that for example I add 10 images, and 9 of them bigger than 1281×901px but one, which is smaller. Will the that one smaller image affect all the others, and the slider will not show up/work because one image that is not big enough is among them? Shouldn't the slider simply ignore those smaller ones, and still show those that respect the required size?

  • On test installation using xampp, I uploaded image 1920 x 1198, and it didn't show immediately in slider. It was only after I uploaded another image 2560 x 1440 that they both showed up in slider. Shouldn't the first image showed immediately in gallery slider since it was bigger than min size (1200 x 900 px) for it? @Matthias Schmidt The first image uploaded is: 1920 x 1198.

  • The problem, clearly, still exists, and I believe that it was labeled as "not a bug" too soon. The fact that it happens randomly should be reason enough to further investigate it. Also, I find it curious that not even a screenshot showing that images (respecting the required size of 1281×901px) aren't displayed in the slider as expected didn't seem enough proof.

  • Of course, which is why I pointed out there was a problem when after uploading various images bigger than 1281×901px they never showed up in slider.

    Also, why does the slider need a minimum amount of two images to start showing their previews? Maybe this particular setting might get in the way (for whatever reason) and could randomly prevent images to show up in the slider?

  • Also, why does the slider need a minimum amount of two images to start showing their previews?

    It is not just a plain <img> tag, instead there are actually two <canvas> stacked over each other, because you cannot really animate images. It was designed to show-case pictures using the Ken Burns effect and present pictures as best as possible. What you're basically requesting is a static teaser image, but this was never the purpose of this.

  • It was designed to show-case pictures using the Ken Burns effect and present pictures as best as possible.

    Which I think it would still make sense even uploading one picture. In spite of the intent and the code used to realized it, I believe that the expectations for an image slider such as this are to preview images, and it shouldn't matter if the images in question are three, thirty, or just one. In fact, once users upload images in Gallery, the slider "behaves" like a teaser image. Now, even if that was never the purpose, it still reaches the same result, which is the reason why I took it for granted that the slider would preview whatever image one uploads, even if it were only one.

    Maybe expecting something that "simple" was expecting too much? ;)

  • Maybe expecting something that "simple" was expecting too much? ;)

    Think in reverse: Initially there might be only a single picture, but you don't use an entire gallery just to prevent this single one. Eventually there will be far more pictures being added and since you don't really want a static page because a page should look lively in order to attract users, having them cycle is a great thing.

    The box in question is designed to beautifully present pictures, if you want a single static teaser then I'm sorry, this is not the box you're looking for :/

  • I never said that I want a static image teaser, but I only mentioned that gallery preview slider, when more images are uploaded, behaves like one (non static). Also the pan-in/pan-out effect that makes the preview appealing could be indeed applied even for one picture.

    You seem to be arguing that previewing more than one picture is good, while previewing only one is not, which I find it amusing. I am not talking about the code behind the slider, mind you, and if this code makes it a slider or image teaser. I'm not thinking as a developer (which I am not anyways), but as a user that would certainly like and find more appealing to even see one picture preview panning in and out, before others are uploaded.

    In short, something that provides image preview shouldn't bother if the images are ten or just one; it should just provide previews.

  • It's actually not about the code, which by the way cannot deal with only a single image and furthermore the Ken Burns effect only works by switching to a different image once the effect has completed (you cannot zoom in/out indefinitely).

    I was just trying to explain our thoughts behind the way we designed this box, especially why there is no single-image mode.

  • Basically, you're saying that there is not single-image mode, because wbb decided that pan-in/pan-out indefinitely for one item isn't something that you wanted, and for that reason the slider was coded with that in mind: the slider displays and zooms in/out images exclusively if there are at least two items, but will do nothing if a user uploads only one image. Got it.

    While I understand the technical reason for this choice, I fail to grasp the policy behind it. It'd be like having a restaurant's management provide patrons with complementary bread and butter if they order two dishes, but give them nothing if they order only one dish :P

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