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    This request is made out of desperation and me wishing at the brink of wanting to throw a fit. lol :P

    I just spent forever trying to import my site from one development to Woltlab Burning Board. Now I discover that there is not way to easily change the index landing page via the admincp and in fact the index landing page is hard coded (sort of speak) by which directory you install things from the start and so if you are unaware of this little fact, you appear to either need to know which files to physically move or need to start over.

    Well not everyone is going to know which files to physically move. So I propose that such urls are controllable via the admincp. If I want to make the blogs my homepage, I should be able to do so easily. Just as easy if I change my mind (or my need) and find I want the gallery or file base, ect... ect...

  • Just so that you know what to do ;)

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