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    WoltLab Suite Forum

    Today I decided to add some custom images for ranks. However, I realized that while the chosen png was visible in ACP, which means that it was added correctly, it wouldn't show up in forum (see attachments below).


    I checked the tab User Ranks in ACP. I made sure to provide the correct image folder path, and also granted folders the right permission. There isn't firewall blocking access and IPs aren't blocked/black-listed. After adding the rank image I flushed dns, cleared browser and forum cache, as well as rebuilt Users. I'm not using CloudFlare, and this is not related to caching. I tried using different images (png, jpg, etc.) and different sizes, although I know that this feature doesn't have size limits. I tested it multiple times on 3 different installations - a VPS that I manage, a shared account, and on a local installation with Xampp, and all having the same results: the rank image won't show up.

    I know this isn't a major problem or deal breaker, but I just wanted to let you guys know.

  • You have always only could see in the forum (posts)

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