Still showing german content to english only user in dashboard and sidebar

  • It must be yet another bug, the bugs have been flowing in like crazy at least in German side of site. It's doing that for me as well, and it's when no language is selected in sidebar within forums. I have only English enabled too, and I'm seeing it in forums as well as sidebar latest posts.

    When I select English in those forums in sidebar, they disappear. If I select German language in the same forum, even those two German threads don't show up in German selected side of site. Some how non-selected language option is leaking in German threads, that don't even appear to display when German is selected.

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  • Like funktion weg?

    I think something gone wrong last night... look at the linked topic. Redactor is not working, img bbcode is not working, you can't add smileys files or change your profile etc.

    Ah yeah, I was reading that thread a little bit, weird. I guess Alex will be around soon though, maybe he can shed light on it. Woltlab did go down for a few minutes or more for me late last night. It just didn't want to load at all, not sure why.

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  • Same same here and if I I use Multilingualism in my forum (I hava english and norway) but I can only choose English.?????

    And If I write a post , the forum crashes

    Norwegian language files to (WSC 5.2 + 5.3 WSC 5.4 + 5.5 and The New 6.0 ) *no.xml* Unofficial Language Packs

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