• We have just released new versions of our products:

    • Burning Board 4.1.1 (stability release)
    • WoltLab Community Framework 2.1.1 (stability release)

    Stability releases (also known as "minor releases") aim to solve existing problems in the current version. Like every stability release, they do not introduce new features; It is strongly recommended to apply these updates.

  • Updating an existing installation (recommended)

    Open your Administration Control Panel and navigate to System > Packages > List Packages. Please click on the button Search for Updates located in the right corner above the package list.

    Updating an existing installation (alternative)

    Navigate to the Download list in our customer area, select the appropriate version and click the Download Update button. Open your Administration Control Panel and navigate to System > Packages > List Packages. Click on the tab Upload package and select the previously downloaded files and upload them one by one, the order does not matter.

    Upgrading from Burning Board 4.0

    Please read this article carefully for instructions: Upgrading Burning Board 4.0 to Burning Board 4.1

  • Please be aware that the list below does not cover every single change, while it does provide details on important changes, minor fixes (e.g. typos) are left unnoticed.

    Burning Board 4.1.1

    • Fixed HTML markup for post/thread message settings

    WoltLab Community Framework 2.1.1

    • Fixed two potential issues during the update Burning Board 4.0 -> Burning Board 4.1
    • Fixed an issue with lacking administrator permissions after import
    • Redactor (WYSIWYG editor)
      • Fixed a few issues related to message writing / editing
      • Added undo/redo buttons
    • Fixed message quoting in Internet Explorer 11
    • Uploading a logo or preview images for styles did not visually update the image within the edit form
    • Deleting a smiley category did not purge the cache, causing the BBCode parser to fail
    • Censorship did not properly handle email addresses as pattern
    • Fixed browser/IP validation for session virtualization
    • Mentioning a user could caused the immediately following word to be discarded
    • Fixed two issues related to the routing system

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