User privacy improvements - extend block feature, implement ignore feature (4.2.)

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    Suggestion to maybe extend block feature to "full block" with the following abilities;

    Possibly create an additional feature for "ignore", which if a user is ignored, you can't see their activity, even though they're still able to be active and etc. If you un-ignore them, you'll be able to see their activity again, until they're put back on ignore. Extend ignore - Help me fill in my show stopper

    Threads linked have explanation for both requests. Would also be nice to have ability to remove users from following you - that you don't want following you. Maybe have a list of those following you, with delete button beside it - with further option "do not allow them to refollow you" when deleting them. With this, you might want to extend into user mentioning as well, cause it would defeat purpose of ignoring or blocking persons if they're user mentioning you all over the place, trying to lure you into their web.

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  • The difference between ignore and block is with ignore, you've chosen to not see content by X user. This typically works on most sites and it why it is the default standard on all major mainstream developments such as


    Block is a completely different function in that it does more than just ignore, it actually prevents the other person from replying. For many sites this would be counter productive because you want to encourage people to post and add content.

    However there are a few occasions where this maybe needed on some specific sites. So I would suggest this as an option.

    It would need to be added to the core, because it would be useless if it could not be applied to ALL Woltlab products.

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