possible problem regarding posting announcements

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    Lets say I setup admin group so by default they cannot use "stickies and announcements". Then for each forum I add admin group as moderator and only tick allow for stickes. Then add myself as a user also (being part of admin group) and tick allow announcements.

    To me that should deny anyone else in admin group as a mod for forums (except just for myself) from being able to post announcements, but other admins could still use stickies. Problem I see here. Lets say for one forum I now remove myself as mod from it leaving just admin group able to use stickies. I can see using that forum that no announcement option can be used by me, if I add myself back again to that forum with admin group, I can use announcements once more. that works fine!

    However, If I now go onto another forum I'm added as user to use announcements. In the drop-down list of other forums to display the announcement on also. The one I "should not be able to post" announcements on is listed - I can do it that way instead via using another forum (that allows me to use announcements) displayed on other forum (I'm not allowed to use them on).

    So under mod groups for all other forums I have:
    Admin Group - Allow Stickes
    GTB - Allow Announcements

    And for just one forum I have:
    Admin Group - Allow Stickes

    In the main admin group permissions for forums both stickies and announcements are unticked.

    Should it not be the case when I post an announcement on other forums allowing me to do it. That in the drop-down list of forums to display it on also, the one forum I'm not allowed to post them on should not be displayed available for selecting.

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  • Another thing noticed also. I added a closed archived forum (locked forum) used to move topics onto. That forum doesn't have any mods groups added to it and I can still post announcements on it via another forum picking it from drop-down list. But if that forum has no mod groups added to it allowing announcements and in admin group for forums both stickies and announcements are unticked.

    Again, that doesn't make sense how I can do it then. Because I'm not even added as a user to that forum as mod to use them on it, and admin group is disabled from using them by default.

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