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    I think it is a cool option to have the ability to auto remove some/all data from an account when banned. So admins can opt to delete avatars or remove xyz profile field info etc.

    Spamers and rogue users tend to fill in the profiles in a negative way and keeping these "live" is not ideal for some environments. An automatic way to deal with it would be great.


  • I think it is not so necessary to implement this as a standard feature, maybe anyone can make a plugin for that? But the idea is very good..... :)

    Sorry for my bad english, I´am a 14-years old pupil from Germany.... :(

  • This is a bad idea. You can always "accidently" ban someone with just one click. The result would be a complete wipe of his profile.

    Instead, you could just install my plugin: Profile Ban Info

    This tiny little helper prevents access to profiles of banned members except for those, who are allowed to see it. In my opinion, this is far better than removing all profile informations.

  • Hiding such information would be best, instead of outright deleting it. That way mistakes can be rectified easily and unwanted information is not shown to regular users.

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  • An automatic way to deal with it

    would be nonsense, because the user possibly is only temporarily banned. Things like disabling avatars,signatures or deleting personal user titles are possible in WBB 4.0 by using the second plugin in my signature.

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