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    I just got an email notification with a quote, seems part is in German.

    Also some quote mark punctuation seems messed up.

  • So ...
    "Zitat von Hybrid" means "Quotation from Hybrid".

    -> beginning of the quotation

    -> ending of the quotation

    And this...


    Hm. I tried to find it via "age" but I didn't find these entries, too.

    I searched for this via "German" before, hehe. :)

    But it's good that it's working now. ^^

    ... is my answer. :)

    Or did I misunderstand your problem? :o

  • Also “xyz“ are quote marks. Not „xyz“ in my opinion.

    This is due to the german language variable being used there, in german proper quote marks are „...“.

    I think I already saw this reported somewhere. The error happens because mails were send with the language of the author, not the language of the receiver. You are absolutely right, this should be corrected.

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