[beta 3] cannot censor domain name

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    WoltLab Suite Forum

    I'm noticing you cannot censor domain names. This can prove problematic, because there maybe times when you need to prevent a reoccurring domain from being posted.

    Let us for example, assume I wish to censor...


    Now obviously, I do not want to censor the word, example. That in of itself is just common English. But the following does not work...


  • www*

    Works for global blocking of URLS if anyone is interested. A rough spam measure but it kinda works.

    Way to extreme (in my opinion). Ideally, I just want to be able to filter out links I know are trouble... ie.. Sites to be known to be infected with virus's or adware for example or hidden redirects or are known to change hotlink photos (or embed code in their photos), and also as an anti-spam measure for those who are more aggressive in spamming (I have one site who has tried for 5 years, for example).

  • Whoever fixed this... THANK YOU :thumbup:

    You have will never know how much I was truly worried about this. After almost 5 years, there has been 1 community forever trying to spam our site. So the means to keep them from doing so, was something I really was concerned about.

    THANK YOU :)

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