Ignoring forums gives ID error

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    WoltLab Suite Forum

    I enabled the option to let users "Ignore Forums" and then on two forums listed ticked the box so they could be ignored.

    When I went to forum homepage and clicked the eye icon and removed tick for one or both forums and click submit. It shows an error saying something like ID not available

  • Well I only made two forums able to be ignored. Both pulling RSS Feeds onto them (all other forums was not set to be ignored). I tried ignoring both of them (unticked both) and got same error. Also tried unticking just one of them and same thing again.

    Yes, I unticked the forums that could be ignored and gives that error

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  • No to 1,2,3. They was never categories changed later to becoming forums. Why would that make a difference anyway, as you cannot set-up categories to be ignored (no tick option is even there for that) with cats.

    With each forum created you can tick a box to let members ignore that forum in Admin CP under "forum settings". The master setting to ignore forums was also enabled beforehand of course - to be able to even set-up a few forums to be ignored.

    In the screen-shot the forums was ticked at first, ones that cannot be ignored have a grey tick and cannot be unticked. So I unticked the ones that could be unticked (2 forums) I setup to be ignored and when you untick them and save the error box gets shown.

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  • In your screenshot, "Site Imports Category" looks like a category. Regarding the word "category", I am talking about this setting:

    If you set it to "Forum" for "Site Imports Category", the ignored boards dialog looks like this:

    However, if you set it to "Category", it looks exactly like in your screenshot:

    For a category, you should not be able to set this option about ignoring as it is only available for Forum-typed boards.

    If you edit "Site Imports Category" and change "Type of Forum" to "Forum", the "Settings" become visible. Is the "Users may ignore this forum" checkbox ticked or unticked here? (Note: No need to click on save afterwards.)

  • BBC Newsfeeds was a forum of "Site Imports Cat". The image shows that, and that I tried to untick the BCC newsfeeds forum and not the cat. You can't even set an option to ignore a cat, only forums. My image above shows you a red arrow pointing to newsfeed forum (not the cat) - that I tried to untick and save that led to the error.

    Every cat you see listed ending in category was setup as a "category" and not a forum using the checkbox like your image shows below for "forum,cat,link". I know what you mean, no it was not named category (but used forum for it). So ended up having a sub-forum of a forum (titled cat), no. It was a child forum of a cat


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  • Yes, I realize that you are talking about it the BB NewsForum forum but the error – as far as I can tell at the moment – originates from its parent category "Site Imports Category".

    To avoid further misunderstandings, could you please post screenshots of the following things when editing "Site Imports Category" in the ACP:

    • the "Type of Forum" setting together with the "General Information" data,
    • change the "Type of Forum" setting to "Forum" and then take a screenshot of "Settings" (without submitting the form)
  • I cannot do it now because I've removed WBB 4.1 for the time being this morning and put my other stable forum back up running on phpBB. So sorry, I cannot do that now to prove it with screen-shots, but I've been running forums for over 15 years "vB, XenForo, IPB and many other free ones). I know very well the difference between setting up a category as a "category and not a forum", and creating a forum for it (as a forum and not a cat).

    I'm not a forum newbie to setting up cats, forums of a cat, and sub-forums of forums under a cat.

  • Sadly I can't help you any further. I would have done so and took screen shots to show but this morning decided to stick my other forum back up for time being until maybe WBB is at Beta 3 or Beta 4. I deleted it.

  • I have Beta 3 installed again from last night. The ignore forums problem I reported is still present happening on my site. Might it have something to do with me having a "redirect forum" in place? I only have one normal forum set-up to be ignored (a sub-forum used for pulling RSS feeds onto). But I've spotted that you can also ignore the LINK forum added even though there are no settings displayed allowing you to ignore a link forum unless it's set to be ignored by default.

    Same error screen is getting thrown up as in first I made.


    You also have a problem in this post with uploaded images. I've just uploaded an image to show you with this post and if I choose to display image as full size it says IMG bbcode is not allowed and won't let me submit edited post with uploaded image displayed in it full size (Look at picture 2 taken of it happening here)

  • I also use friendly urls with this taken from here. Just wondering if that might be causing the issue as well?

    Apache Configuration
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /board/
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule ^([a-z]+)/([^/]+/)?$ index.php?$1/$2 [L,QSA]

    UPDATE: I've just deleting the htaccess file and disabled Friendly URLs. But testing ignore forums still gives same error. So it has nothing to do with this.

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  • OK, I was just going to say that I cloned the live server install into my WAMP locahost and checked to see if same thing happened installed on that and it does. As I was wondering if maybe Mod Security was causing it on my live install, but no.

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