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    I just uploaded an avatar and after uploading I used the crop feature. I seem to have two cropped versions used around the software. Some areas use the default uncropped image regardless of any cropping. Shouldn't all avatar area's show the cropped version?

    Also when I try and crop any avatar later i dont get the normal black tooltip, i do get the image alt text popup that says "edit avatar", but clicking the image does nothing.

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    • The cropped versions are only used for thumbnails as they have a fixed size. The reason for this is that the when you upload a non-qudratic avatar, the software needs to select a square area of the avatar to be used for the thumbnails. By default, this is the center of the avatar which might not be the best selection hence you can manually change this using the cropping function.
    • The issue of not being able to crop an existing avatar has been resolved and will be shipped with the next version.
    • By default, this is the center of the avatar which might not be the best selection hence you can manually change this using the cropping function.

    Ok. I'm cropping the image because I don't want to use the center, because as you say it is not the best. So why is the crop being used in some areas and the non crop in others? It doesn't make sense... Why offer crop if you dont want to use it for all avatar locations?

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    Well, the thought is that if a user uploads a certain image, they want to use it exactly as uploaded (in the user profile and everywhere where the original avatar size is used). But, as I said above, if the image is non-quadratic, they might not be satisfied with the area used for thumbnails (which ensure consistently looking avatars with the same size) hence they can change this area.

  • I really dont understand what you are saying. You dont appear to be understanding me either.

    You allow cropping but then display the non-cropped image in various locations, it is utterly pointless!

    If i want to use a cropped image, i would want to show the cropped version everywhere a thumbnail is used, otherwise... why bother to offer the service?

  • Well, the image will be displayed exactly as it is in areas where this is possible. After all, a user probably has chosen the image with reason.

    But at some places a quadratic, uniform avatar size is needed. In those places, the cropped version will be shown.

    Maybe an option to apply the cropping everywhere wouldn't be too bad, though.

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    As there is no option to disable cropping, it might be related to the bug reported in the first post. At the moment, you need to crop the uploaded avatar directly after uploading it. Furthermore, the general conditions for cropping need to apply (the avatar – after upload – has to be non-quadratic and both, height and width, larger than 128px).

  • Okay, so i uploaded this image, non-quadratic, but it wont allow me to crop it. Other images work, but only first time, refresh the page and they do not.

    And about the second issue, cropped images should really also be showing in "user profile's sidebar" as you point out it is the only "various location" but still, an important one as I believe it is also used for the gallery images and blog posts info box!

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    I searched the source code and except for the user profile, I could not find any location except the user profile where the original version is used.

    The "problem" with the image you posted is a bit technical: After the image is uploaded, first the maximum avatar settings from the ACP settings are enforced, thus the uploaded image is resized so that both width and height are smaller (or equal) than these settings. Now, the resized image's height is not larger than the maximum thumbnail size of 128px hence no cropping is offered.

  • In WCF 2.0 "authorSidebarBox" template is used for gallery images author, blog posts author and filebase author and shares the same avatar image. So you crop your image yet it doesn't show in these essential locations imo.

    It just makes sense to show it everywhere.

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