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    editor ends up with extra space lines --- test

    As shown above, when you type in normal text.

    Press the ENTER KEY twice, so you would have only 1 empty line above

    Then change the text size, you end up with 2 spaces where there should have been only 1

    Edited once, last by Aslan: originally said, space bar... meant enter key. ().

  • Looks like you mixed up space bar end enter key.
    Otherwise your statement is imho mindless.

    No, enter key for new line. This is how you make proper spacing between paragraphs.

    Space bar is for sentences.--> <-- See that. That is a space between sentences.

    ^ This is a space between paragraphs. Here is is an example of many paragraphs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth

  • Sorry, i don't get what you try to point out here.

    Using space bar once, twice or more should never result in a new line and this is what you claim here imo.


    Testing it now:
    using space bar twice> <Result
    using space bar 5 times> <Result

  • Complete mistype on my part. I fixed post #1

    It should have read, "enter key". The lack of sleep I'm having .... lol .... No wonder why it made no sense. lol

  • Space Key: > <
    Enter Key: >
    The first one is a space, generated by pressing the space bar, the second one a newline or line break, generated with the enter or return key.

    "spacing" between paragraphs is achieved with line breaks, not with actual spaces. Spaces separate words (and, when you are not on the web where multiple spaces are collasped into one), can be used to add varied spacing between words.

    The editor seems to insert superfluos / unwanted line breaks.

    But I'm having trouble reproducing this in Chrome. Which browser are you using?
    Nvm, the WYSIWYG editor shows one line, after submitting there is a superfluos empty line.

    Its because superfluos [.size=XX][/.size] tags get added which add a break even if empty.

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