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    I've noticed currently there seems to be only the choice for using email confirmation or administrator approval rather then both.

    I would like these choices to be seperate choices so that I can choose to have email confirmation turned on permanently and then toggle administrator approval on or off when needed.

    When administrator approval is turned on, I want new registrations to confirm their email and once confirmed then go to me for approval.

  • As you have noticed this is not possible with the default activation system, but there is an easy workflow that you might want to apply and works out of the box. You might want to restrict the Registered Users Group so that only limited functionality (as much as you want to give to non-approved members) is available to them. You then can have a second group, let's call it Group 1 where you have all the permissions for your standard user accounts. This should be a closed group where you have to move users to manually.

    Hope this is a valid solution for you?

  • Thanks for your reply I will look into it but I really would like to suggest that this be fixed. As someone that users both this is extremely frustrating!

    I have no way to differentiate between who simply hadn't confirmed their email and who was put in moderation during the night.

    Sorry this editor is lagging really badly!

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