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    This is something that I've noticed and it is increasingly becoming a little annoying (just a bit)...

    When navigation the site, for a moment on every page load, the page is all white. This eventually goes away as the page finishes loading, but it's not something I see anywhere else I visit. So this isn't exactly normal and I do not know what causes it here.

  • This can randomly happen if the browser starts the rendering process too early, e.g. the resources have not been loaded. This can occur if the browser had all resources in their cache but suddenly notices, that they're outdated (for whatever reason) and needs to fetch them while the rendering is ongoing. There is little one can do to prevent this, that's just how browsers work internally.

    On this site it might occur every once in a while and this has to do with how it works: I'm sending cache headers for all static files, causing the browser to assume that it has everything it needs to render the page. This is all fine in general, but since I regularly upload new files to confirm that changes are working, I'm changing the last modification time, forcing the browser to download all resources again. This breaks the rendering process because in the middle of it the browser's rendering, the assumption that the files are still valid (because I've told it with the cache headers) is turned false. On a normal site this should not occur.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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