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    I created a thread for testing quotes within quotes. I uploaded/C&P'd stuff there. There was one video that I tried to paste into the editor box and then was not transferred to subsequent quoted postings. It simply showed as a line of code. I then tried replying in a quote to myself in default font and the video then loaded/showed in the post and following post quotes.

    Here is the link to the thread in question and to save time, just concern yourselves with post numbers 25 through 29. These multi-quoted posts will show what I am talking about with regards to the video first posting as code then posting the way it should when the font style was changed to the default.…ote/?postID=1909#post1918

    Thanks in advance for looking into this.

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    @Marcel Werk has added a few changes which should increase the recognition of URLs regardless of applied formatting or similar. Please note that this change has no impact on already existing messages because the auto-detect only runs when messages are saved.

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