"You have already written a post within the last 10 seconds."

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    If you click the New Thread button within 10 seconds (or whatever the setting is set to) of posting another thread then you're immediately shown this error.

    "You have already written a post within the last 10 seconds. You have to wait at least x seconds before attempting to write a new one."

    Wouldn't it make more sense to show the error upon attempting to post rather than locking the member out of the editor completely until the wait time is up? Chances are that be the time they're done writing, the wait time would already be over. Seems like this could really deter members from posting threads that they otherwise would have posted.

  • There is a flip side to this, what if some boards limit one topic per 30 mins. You start writing a long post to be told you have 15 mins to wait, that is annoying.

    Actually, that's a very unlikely scenario unless the permissions/settings have been changed in 4.1.

    Minimum time between threads (in 4.0 at least) is based on the "Flood Prevention" usergroup setting, the same setting that determines minimum time between posts. And I doubt that many forums would be willing to make members wait 30 minutes between posts.

  • I agree with @Trixie Tang

    Yes, you want some kind of flood time, but that doesn't mean you want to prevent them from using the editor to type up their next message.

    @Hybrid You example is an extreme example... I cannot image ever using or wanting to be a part of a site with such a long wait time. But perhaps that works for you.

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