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    Quote from "Sherrie"

    Ah I forgot to make the suggestion above on the official forums but I will.

    Now that I've converted I am really missing the welcome message by email, I do have the mod installed to enable a welcome message/conversation but the email is important IMO.

    Considering I cannot configure email notifications as default and there is no email to let you know your registration/email is activated this is one missed opportunity to encourage them back after registering.

    Quote from "dtdesign"

    We have added a proper email notification once an administrator has approved the registration in Burning Board 4.1.

    Being able to pre-configure email notifications isn't a bad idea at all, please post a suggestion in the appropriate forum and we'll take it into consideration. Even though the Beta is pretty near (I'm currently busy upgrading Redactor 9.2 -> 10.0, requires a lot of work to adjust our own plugins), we still add suggestions during Beta phase unless they would require major changes (this suggestion does not fall under this).

    @Alexander Ebert ^ you said the above else where

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    @lycra This suggestion is intended to add an option to configure notifications by email as default values. Just ignore everything except for the last sentence in the quote of Sherrie's message, that's completely unrelated here.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Hello, yes I was after the ability to configure some email notifications by default. My user base for example is not always very computer savvy and rely on email subscriptions for their threads or private messages. When ever there were email problems either from their email server blocking us or other reasons on my end they go quiet. This would also be handy for a forum just migrated like myself because people could still receive their subscription emails as if nothing has happened.

    I also think there should be an email sent out when someone is activated or approved to let them know, hopefully with the ability to edit it into a welcoming message to help them find their way around.

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