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    I keep getting lfd suspicious file alerts every hour:

    Time: Wed Aug 27 10:05:14 2014 +0930
    File: /tmp/4c9a9d03/install/files/font/getFont.php
    Reason: Script, file extension
    Owner: nobody:nobody (99:99)
    Action: No action taken

    Why am I getting these errors?

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    During the setup the WCFSetup.tar.gz is partially extracted into a temporary directory until the final installation directory has been set. The /tmp/ folder should be automatically cleaned up by the system, but depending on the configuration it may take longer. You can either ignore this message or remove the folder 4c9a9d03 within /tmp/ completely, it is no longer needed anyway (please, do NOT delete /tmp/ itself!).

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Hello Alexander,

    I think it may have done that itself now as its finally stopped but I will keep note in case it happens again when I do the final switch, thanks :)

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