Donated One of My WBB Licenses to Adam, Enjoy! :)

  • Hi,

    This probably has nothing to do with anyone, but between Adam Howard and I. I think this is the best place to put this up. Though I would appreciate that no one flame me for doing this and it would be much appreciated that this thread doesn't get deleted.

    In order to prevent any misunderstanding in future with Adam Howard, I just want to put this up publicly (probably as an evidence for Adam) that I willingly donated one of my WBB licenses (including willingly paying for the transfer fee) to SociallyUncensored forum as a donation after knowing that Adam is interested in moving from xenForo to WBB. I have had two licenses, now he owns one of my licenses. The license has been successfully transferred to him at the point I'm typing this.

    I do this mainly because Adam Howard has been helpful to me in the past and I read his forum quite frequently. I do this as a gesture of appreciation and help supporting his community, nothing more than that. I don't troll him, I don't have any plan to cheat/fool him like some others who have too much time in hands.

    All in all, again I'm doing this to prevent any misunderstanding in future, I hope this post can remain here. Who know this would also be helpful for WBB staff members in case I break my promise to donate, though I'm sure I won't. :) But if staff members think this thread shouldn't be on this forum, I apologise and feel free to manage it.

    Thank you! :)

  • Thank you very much @Shyuan this was very kind and very generious of you to do. We very much apprieciate your kindness and generiousity in gifting us a copy of Woltlab Burning Board v3.1 which we'll later upgrade to v4.1 upon it's release and use on

    And thank you for making this public. I know that was asking a lot from you and I'm glad you understood our reasoning, since in the past we have experienced a lot "gift horces" that ended up being "trojan horces". So I very much apprieciate you taking this extra step and you have my respect for doing so, as well as my deep graditude.

    On behalf of myself, @Jane, and the Socially Uncensored community, thank you :)

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