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    The bigger your community gets, the harder it can be for your users to keep themselves posted. Consider a big community event coming up, but people lose track where and when it occurs? Burning Board 4.1 offers an outstanding notices system, providing custom notices with a maximum of control of your target audience. You can create side-wide notices visible to everyone or limit the visibility to specific user groups, it is even possible to show notices only on some pages.

    You can provide notices in a single language or (in case you offer multiple content languages like we do) with own values for each languages. Notices will be displayed exactly where you want and when you want, for example you can choose to display it only on the registration page or would like to give people hints when attempting to create a thread in a special forum as shown in the example above. If you set a day and/or time, you can control the display of the notices based upon the user's timezone or a timezone of your choice. This might sound simple, but in reality you'll make use of the timezone setting more than once: Consider a broadcast on Twitch which takes place on 6 pm to 8 pm PDT and you want to notify your users while it's live.

    Notices come with three pre-defined visual appearances inheriting the default style of system based notices. Sometimes this isn't enough and you want something more appealing or unique? You can specify your own CSS class names which will be used to apply the visuals based upon the style, this way if you provide different style sets (e.g. a light and a dark version), you can make the proper adjustments to preserve readability. Below is a small example to demonstrate what you can accomplish with minimum effort; This one took me less than a minute to create.

    Last but not least the notice systems provides all these optional conditions to filter by specific users, user groups or attributes as already shown previously. Please see the thread WBB4.1 — Automatic User Group Assignments for a description of all available conditions and their purposes.

  • Can they also be filtered for people that have not registered/logged in (notice to encourage guests to register) and also for people that have registered but not activated their email so as to remind them to activate and give instructions on how to contact if they're having problems?

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