Community Calendar 2.0 Released

    • Official Post

    We're proud to announce the release of Community Calendar 2.0.

    You can purchase Community Calendar 2.0 for USD 54.99, owners of Community Calendar 1.1 can upgrade for USD 27.49. If you have previously owned Burning Board 3.1 with upgrade access, this version will be free of charge for you.

    We would like to express our honest gratitude for everyone who participated in the beta phase to help us smoothing out the edges and creating a high quality product. An upgrade from version 2.0 RC 1 is supported.

    (All prices excluding VAT)

    • Official Post

    Community Calendar 2.0.0

    • Fixed typos
    • Maximum number of participants can now exceed 999
    • Added new notification for upcoming events
    • List of upcoming events is now grouped by month

    Calendar Event Threads 2.0.0

    • Fixed typos

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