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    I've created a new language pack, and translated it. After upgrading, assuming that there are new phrases that have been added to my installed language packs - I can't find them. I'm supposed to find them when I select my created language pack, and remove the mark from the customized values checkbox and then hit the submit button (without entering any value in the box) - because if i'm translating a language pack - I use customized values. If I miss or don't touch a certain phrase, that means its value remains "not customized" - and appear when I try to look for it when the checkbox of the customized values is not marked. I'm afraid that right now (4.0.4 pl 1) it is not the case - and that makes it difficult to find the phrases that are not translated yet.

    Please fix this. Thanks.

    P.S. - I also think that pagination is necessary too, especially when you look for phrases.

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    @Dan_y2k I'm sorry but I'm not able to understand what is going wrong. Could you please try to explain it to me, maybe providing both "how it should be" and "how it actually is" could help.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • How it should be:
    when "Customized values" is checked - all of the translated phrases should appear. Adding pagination will also be very both helpful and useful.
    after an upgrade, there are changed/new phrases - these should appear when "Customized values" is not checked (maybe you can add an "Updated values" tickbox to find the phrases that were changed during the upgrade). In general, every phrase that don't have a value should appear when "Customized values" is not checked.

    How it actually is:
    honestly, I'm not quite sure. If I check the customized values tickbox and hit submit - it shows all of my translated phrases. If I uncheck the customized values tickbox and hit submit - it shows exactly the same thing.

    I hope it's a bit more clear now. If you have more questions, let me know.

    Thanks alot for your help.

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